Archaelogical findings prove, that bees have been living on the planet Earth fifteen million years ago already. In ancient times the people have been known the composition of bee honey and its beneficial effects on a human organism. At immolation jubilees the honey had been given to the gods assuming that it is their food. In the Egyptians pyramids there had been found a very old crystalised bee honey and it was still edible. Our Slavonian predecessors had been keen beekeepers as well and they have found how to utilise the bee honey. They had produced however, only simple “cookies“ made of flour of millet, milk and honey.

Each housewife has its own proved prescription for making gingerbreads. I was caught by this craft as well. I want to dulcify festive moments of the people by my products and what is important as well, to maintain this traditional craft of making and decorating gingerbreads in our region.

We offered more gift packaging of gingerbreads for advertising agencies or for the final consumer. Gingerbreads for Christmas, Easters, weddings, etc.

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